In addition to special and temporary projects, Santa Cruz City Arts includes several ongoing programs!

SCRAP - Santa Cruz Recycled Art Program

The Santa Cruz Recycled Art Program (SCRAP) supports local artists by providing access to reclaimed and recycled materials and equipment while encouraging the community to think about consumption practices through onsite tours, videos and other interactive methods.

Coastal Rail Trail - Public Art Opportunity Master Plan

We are planning for many types of art along the 3.7 miles of Rail Trail! At this time the 2.1 mile segment between Natural Bridges Drive and Pacific Avenue (Santa Cruz Wharf) is fully funded and anticipated to be built in 2018. Additional funds are being sought to extend the Trail into the County and beyond.

Mural Matching Grant Program

This program is open to applicants seeking to place a mural on private property. It started as a way to help commercial property owners deal with graffiti. Today, the newly expanded program is open to all applicants that meet the criteria outlined in the program, based on funding request level.


Since 2008, the City of Santa Cruz has proudly presented sculpTOUR- a rotating collection of sculptures throughout downtown. The City has enjoyed marching penguins, rocky dogs, and an assortment of kinetic and interactive works.

Graphic Traffic

Since 2001 the City of Santa Cruz has been commissioning art to adorn some of the 43 signal boxes at traffic intersections operated by the City. Visitors and residents have enjoyed paintings of the Santa Cruz boardwalk, marine animals, robots, happy pets and much more!