San Lorenzo River Storm Drain Murals - Call to Artists

Call to Artists: San Lorenzo Storm Drain Murals Pilot Project 

Deadline to Apply: Sunday, February 24, 2019 midnight PST 

LINK to apply:

Budget:  To cover materials and artist’s time:

Felker St. Mural Artist Stipend and Materials $2,250
Pryce St. Mural Artist Stipend and Materials $1,000
Additional contingency/stipends if needed: $750 


Open to all artists in Santa Cruz County. Artist/artist teams in which at least one person is fluent in Spanish are preferred. Experience working with the Santa Cruz Latinx community is preferred. We may choose two artists/artists teams or one artist/artist for both sites.


February -City and CWC staff create RFQ and share it through Arts Commission, social media, print media and CWC newsletter.

Early March – Artist selected for project. Contracts and liability coordinated and finalized.

March – CWC will coordinate community meetings for mural planning in each neighborhood.

April – Artist will design mural and share designs during a neighborhood cleanup.

April 10 – final designs will be presented to the Arts Commission for approval

May- June – Artist will paint mural and offer specific and unique opportunities for neighbors to participate.

Pilot Project Overview:  The City’s Public Works Department has determined that many of the storm drains along the San Lorenzo River are magnets for trash and other pollution and need to be cleaned regularly. The water going into these drains flows directly into the San Lorenzo River and can harm animals and plants. The primary goal of this project is to raise awareness that these drains flow straight into the San Lorenzo River—through beautiful murals that the neighborhoods will enjoy.

The Coastal Watershed Council (CWC) is a local non-profit that works to protect the San Lorenzo River and the broader watershed in Santa Cruz County. The Coastal Watershed Council is working with river neighbors from the Ocean’s 11 and Beach Flats neighborhoods to create improvement projects that beautify the neighborhood and connect residents to the San Lorenzo River.  Residents of these neighborhoods have shared desires for more public art, less water pollution, interpretive signage, more points of interest and more neighborhood gatherings, all of which are addressed through this program.

Three locations for storm drain murals in neighborhoods bordering the San Lorenzo River have been identified. The City Arts budget has funding available for future storm drain murals if this pilot is successful.