Beth Tobey

SCRAP-What we did in 2017. What's next?

Beth Tobey @ 12/21/2017

Excited to see what our artists will showcase at the R. Blitzer Gallery in February 2018

Our third SCRAP exhibition will be held at the R. Blitzer Gallery through February 2018–Opening night is Friday 2nd from 5:00 - 9:00pm. This year will see the addition of spoken talent with either word or poetry presented at both opening night and our artists talk on Saturday February 17th at 12:00pm. The talk is a family friendly event, come enjoy beverages and snacks, meet the artists and hear interesting and informative talks on what’s happening with all your discarded stuff.

SCRAPPERS, Introducing SCRAP Kids

It is our goal to educate the young people in our community about the crucial issues with, not just re-cycling, but another very real problem, up-cycling our discarded stuff; tools, household appliances & goods, furniture, clothing, wood and cabinetry.... Education through art and re-purposing, is an excellent way to show people what is recovered and fully usable, whereby diminishing our landfill at the same time as saving energy and reducing our carbon footprint. 

The summer of 2017 saw our pilot class with kids making art with materials wholly provided from the refuse stream on Dimeo Lane.  We’re invited back to teach this tremendously successful class and hope to move into more schools this year. Please look for information on our upcoming classes and contact us if you, or someone you know, would like to have us come to your school.    

Abbott Square-Tuesday’s Crafternoon

Abbott Square’s crafternoon celebrated their most visited day last summer with SCRAP! We, at SCRAP, are always looking for ways to get out into the community in order to bring awareness to our waste stream through art. This summer we visited Abbott Square and found a very welcome audience. 

The MAH is an excellent, community rich and vibrant space. It is our hope to continue to create events and projects that can push our message of diminishing the landfill through public awareness, art and education. Look for us at MAH this year!