Marina Warren

Sarah Bianco "jumps in" to her first public art project - Celebration ceremony Sunday, Nov.19, 2017 at 3:00pm

Marina Warren @ 10/27/2017

For twenty-four years, Scope Park was home to Peter Bartczak’s “Moonlight Dance”, an iconic mural well known throughout the Santa Cruz community. This summer, Bartczak gave his blessing to painter Sarah Bianco to create a new mural in its place. Bianco’s creation, entitled “Jump In!”, is inspired by the passion and energy of the people of Santa Cruz. Its lively color scheme and playful subject matter is sure to bring, in Bianco’s words, “brightness” and “life” to the downtown area. “Jump In!” also has a message of inclusivity, encouraging everyone who sees it to go after what they want in life wholeheartedly. It features several portraits of local children jumping with joy, artfully placed against a colorful and geometric background. This mural is welcoming not only to Santa Cruz natives, but to visitors and newcomers alike. “Jump In!” will bring new vitality to Scope Park, while continuing to create a legacy of inclusion, community, and joy.

For our full interview with Sarah Bianco, check out the video below!

Come join us in celebration of the official launch of “Jump In!” on Sunday November 19th, from 3:00-4:00!