Beth Tobey

Kids jump for joy at SCOPE park mural celebration!

Beth Tobey @ 11/30/2017

On November 19th, 2017 the Santa Cruz Arts Commission and Santa Cruz Parks & Recreation Department celebrated a new mural at SCOPE Park titled "Jump In!" by Santa Cruz resident Sarah Bianco. The mural features local children jumping in a variety of poses along the Santa Cruz shoreline and encourages the community to embrace joy, enthusiasm and inclusiveness.

Vice-Mayor David Terrazas and Council Member Cynthia Mathews both spoke. An ad hoc drum group provided dancing rythms - but the highlight was the children that attended who are featured in the mural. (Check out the photos below.)

Tannery artist, Sarah Bianco, share the following words with the crowd that attended:

Hi everyone, My name is Sarah Bianco.  I've lived in Santa Cruz for almost 20 years now.  I'm honored to have been chosen to contribute my first public piece of art to our beautiful city.

I'd like to thank Peter Bartczak for gracefully passing along this space of his well loved mural, "Moonlight Dance".

When I heard about the call to artists for this project, I was immediately attracted to the theme of 'inclusivity'.  This made me think of how we, as humans, have this innate need to belong and have connection.  In this fast paced culture that we live in today, it's so easy to get distracted and feel disconnected from ourselves and others.  

My vision for this piece was to hopefully inspire that spark inside and do that which makes us feel alive.  "Jump In' is an invitation to look within, follow our hearts, and start looking at what unifies us, rather than what separates us.  Santa Cruz has so much to offer in this way, with its bountiful nature and generosity of spirit, celebrating multiculturism through art, music, and dance...

Also, for me, this piece is a reminder to not take myself so seriously.  Whenever I'm hanging out with children it reminds me to stay curious, fearless, and playful with life and others.  

This brings me to thank all the children that modeled for me.  Named from left to right on the mural:  Satyana, Reece, Noa, William, Tierre, Zosia, Syren, Rosco, Suraya, Tessa, Henry, Moustapha, Eva, Zaynabu, & Gaiya.

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