Beth Tobey

Meet the "men behind the metal" Fri. Nov 3rd - downtown Santa Cruz!

Beth Tobey @ 10/26/2017

A Drop of Ocean at 5:30pm

Well-known for his large installations at Burning Man and locally, Kirk McNeill calls himself an "architectural metalsmith." Specializing in custom architectural metalwork, you can meet the 'man behind the metal' at this informal celebration.

"This piece consists of an 8ft diameter ring with five different plankton typesinside the ring –as it would appear while gazing into a microscope. One of my goals with this work is to raise awareness of how important the life in the ocean is to life on our planet in general, and that the plankton are the very bottom of the food chain which sustains us.” -Kirk McNeill


Regenerosity in Five Movements at 6:30pm

Sean Monaghan, of Bronzeworks unveils "Regenerosity in Five Movements!" in front of New Leaf Market downtown Santa Cruz at 6:30pm. Regenerosity in Five Movements' is a poly-chrome, illuminated multi-media installation piece that will continue to change and grow in scope over time, echoing the organic cycles of gestation, birth, growth, blossoming and decay.

Sean M. Monaghan has been has been sculpting in Santa Cruz since 1983, has owned and operated the Bronze Works Foundry in Santa Cruz since 1992, and has taught sculpture courses at UCSC and Cabrillo College since 2000. He has completed many public and private fine art commissions around the state and the country, including Pearl Diver, a large bronze fountain recently installed on the Santa Cruz Municipal Wharf.


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