Beth Tobey

Steampunk water fountain makes a splash!

Beth Tobey @ 10/28/2015

Is that a water fountain or art?! Local swashbucklers and visitors alike can now look cool and get hydrated while filling up their reusable water bottles at the Santa Cruz Wharf. The soon-to-open restaurant “Splash!” recently commissioned local artist Sean M. Monaghan and his studio/foundry BronzeWorksto create this water fountain, titled Pearl Diver, for them. This is the third Octopus drinking fountain in this style that Monaghan has made since the 1980s. He referred to the style as 'Romantic/Industrial', as the term 'Steampunk' is a new term.

While it’s not part of the City’s public art collection, it was too ingenious not to highlight. So, join us as we salute our friends at Splash! And the Bronze Works studio for making our Wharf fresh. Splash! will be opening soon. For more information about Bronze Works see the Bronze Works website here.